Do Wild Animals Have Emotions?

Most of us are probably aware about the habit of the elephant to mourn their death. We’ve seen them interact with the body of their deceased friend. Experts believe that this is a sign of intelligence of the elephant. However, this behavior is not only limited to the elephant and can be seen in various wild animals. There are reports of Baboons that will carry the carcass of their dead baby for a couple of days.

Understanding the Emotion of the Oakland County Wild Animals
The life of the Oakland County animals is quite vivid to them. Most of the time, they are aware of their existence. They will establish friendship and they may also meet some foes. They will also strive hard to establish dominance within the colony. Just like the lives of the humans, their lived follow a certain path. They also try their hardest to survive, they will establish their shelter, hunt for food, and they will also reproduce to ensure that their species will continue to the next generation.

Consciousness of Wild Michigan Animal
Humans will use the term consciousness to refer to a variety of things. Some people think that if you have the capacity to plan in advance, then this shows consciousness. Unfortunately, this is just a form of planning. If an animal is showing a mental experience, then this is consciousness. The debate whether wild animals are conscious or not, is still ongoing. If you observe the animals in the wild, you will notice how they will respond to the changes of their environment. They will feel frightened when they are threatened. They will feel relaxed when the environment is safe.

Empathy of Wild Animals
A lot of us will think that empathy is a type of emotion that only human can show. However, wild animals are also capable of showing empathy to the animal that belongs to the same family or for other species. There are stories where the elephants were helping humans that were lost in the wilds. There was a case wherein an old woman was found in the wild with an elephant that is guarding her.

The Animals in Weather
If you happen to watch the animal’s action after the rainstorm, you will understand that they can show emotion. The habit of the antelope to run around in an increased energy after the storm shows their joy. It is quite difficult not to imagine that these animals can show their emotion when they are drenched in rain.

Perhaps the only thing that these wild animals can’t do is to express their emotion in a language that the human can understand. However, this gap should not prevent us from disregarding the emotion that they can feel. Some wild animals are experiencing mass slaughtering and people think that it is just fine. Their population has been devastated due to the action of the people. Showing empathy to other creatures may be extraordinary to humans but it is something that comes naturally to animals.

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