The Fastest Way to Get Rid of the Michigan Squirrels

If you look at the Oakland County squirrels, they will have that unassuming and benign appearance. Unfortunately, the havoc that they can wreak to our homes can lead to expensive repairs. They can also carry infected fleas and ticks that can transfer diseases. In our garden, they can destroy our vegetables. They can also dig burrows that can ruin the pristine condition of our well-manicured lawns.

Getting Rid of the Squirrels Fast
Due to the level of destruction that they can cause, you will have to find ways to drive them away immediately. Follow this comprehensive guide as soon as you notice the signs of their activity.

Removing the Oakland County squirrel will start by inspecting every nook and cranny of your home. The squirrel will leave different signs of their infestation that will not be too difficult to notice. When you are outside your house, you should start looking for evidence of entry points. There can also be some damage to the bird feeder when the squirrel is foraging food. Small holes can also be found all over your garden. When you are inspecting your home interior, you will discover droppings in your attic. There should also be bite marks on the wiring insulation. You can also hear some strange noises at daytime.

Developing an Exclusion Plan
In case you notice the signs of the squirrels, the fastest way to get rid of them is probably to hire the service of the professionals. They have trapping and exclusion devices that are designed for every pest. However, if you prefer to do thing your own, understand that a simple approach will not give you a long-term solution. You should develop a comprehensive exclusion plan. Start by sealing all the entry holes of the squirrel. This creature can use a hole that is about the size of a nickel as their entry point. use a sturdy construction material when sealing the holes. Squirrels have strong teeth and sharp claws and can easily destroy low-quality materials. Once this is done, install the exclusion device on the main access point.

After using the exclusion device, you should not immediately remove it. You should still observe your surrounding and analyze if there are still signs of squirrel infestation. One way to do this is to lay some newspaper on the area of infestation. Wait for a week and observe if there are fresh droppings on the newspaper. The droppings can be a sign of active infestation. This is an indication that you are not successful with your removal process.

Once you get rid of the squirrel, you need to have preventive measures in place that will deter them from creating their shelter in our property. Restrict their access on your property by removing the piles of logs, leaves, and stones in your yard. Trim the grasses and branches of the trees. Fix the crevices and cracks of your home. try to remove their food and water sources.

For a recurring squirrel infestation, do not hesitate to inquire about the service of the professional. The money that you will spend in hiring their service can help you avoid the expensive repairs of the squirrel damages.

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