Will Raccoons Sleep or Nest on Trees

The raccoons can easily scale tall trees. They will climb them to escape the threats of the predators and to gain an access to our roof. They can also build their nest on trees. In fact, most raccoon will prefer to construct their den in the hollows of the trees since this gives them the protection against weather elements and predators. Therefore, it will not be uncommon to discover a raccoon that is climbing the trunk of the tree.

Raccoons Sleeping Habit
The raccoons will remain active at night and they will be sleeping during the day. You probably woke up from the sight of your garbage scattered on the ground. This is a possible sign of raccoon activity. The fact that they are nocturnal will make it difficult to capture them in the act. During daylight, this animal will be sleeping in the den. The den can be found in the obscure areas of our house, the burrows of other animals or on trees.

Where Do Raccoons Sleep?
With regards to the place where they will sleep, raccoons are quite opportunistic. Some of the raccoons will prefer to sleep in the hollows or on the large holes of the trees or a fallen log. They may also establish their den in shed, barn, basement, attic and other dark and obscure areas of the house. Raccoons have no qualms when changing their dens. They may change their den each night. For instance, the raccoon may sleep in the tree tonight and will immediately move to your attic the next night. However, during the winter and breeding season, the raccoon will remain on the same den for an extended period.

Do They Live on Trees?
Since they are excellent climbers, the tree would be an excellent place to construct their nest. The mother raccoon will build her nest inside the hole of the tree to make sure that her babies will remain secured and safe from the attack of predators. The juveniles will be living inside the tree for a couple of weeks until they will be capable to survive on their own.

What to Do with the Raccoons in Your Yard
A raccoon that is dwelling in your tree should never be ignored especially if you have vegetables and fruits in your garden that you want to protect. There are simple ways on how you can discourage them from denning on the tree in your yard. For instance, you can restrict their access to possible food source. Raccoons tend to establish their nest close to the food source. They will choose to dwell in a more favorable space if there are limited resources in your property.

Try to move your trashcan inside to avoid drawing the attention of the raccoon. Seal the holes that they can use to access your house. In case you need a professional advice, do not hesitate to call the assistance of the raccoon removal expert. They can examine your situation and provide you an effective solution.

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